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MRO, Storage,
Teardown, & Recycling

We Pride Ourselves In Providing Quality Service

About Us

We are a multi-faceted aviation business that maximizes the life and value of aircraft, engines, and parts.

We provide integrated support for mature aircraft, engines, and major components.


We offer aircraft operators and owners worldwide cost-effective solutions to extend the life of their assets . We also maximize value at end-of-life in an economically beneficial and environmentally acceptable way.


We have more than 17 years’ experience in aircraft disassembly.

About Us

What We Do

MRO & Paint

Our facility is updated with significant investment in refurbishment and future upgrade capabilities.


We offer basic line support, a paint facility and air handling systems are installed.


Each part and its label is visually inspected & technically analyzed. Parts are packed according to  manufacturers’ specs.


We use integrated software and inventory is updated regularly. Our storage area is alarmed and under video surveillance.


We use integrated ERP software for teardown & work orders are generated for each manifest list. All work is done in accordance with the AMM.


All fluids are drained, managed and disposed properly. Each part is tagged, cleaned and inspected before moving to staging area. 


Materials are removed and separated as recyclable or non-recyclable, then by waste & recovery of different materials.


The airframe is deconstructed while guaranteeing safety, environmental protection & cost optimization leaving the ground fit for reuse. 


Our Brands


Specialized Aero





Of Specialized Aero

Facility & Parking Locations

Parked aircraft at a general airport

  • FAA Repair Station 7SLR322B

  • Battery Service Shop

  • Aerostructure shop services

  • Aircraft teardown services

  • Single aisle type parking slots available

  • Conveniently located between Austin and San Antonio, Texas

    • 45 min from San Antonio

    • 35 min from Austin

  • Only FAA approved reliever airport for Austin-Bergstrom and San Antonio International Airports

  • Secure yet easy access on and off airport

Parked aircraft at a general airport

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